Aliens Allegedly Try To Abduct Animals In Devon

A UFO that is about the size of a transit van came down in Devon to abduct some animals, according to UFOlogist John Mooner, who captured the shots of the mysterious event. Mooner was confident that extraterrestrials from the unidentified flying object wanted to get the genetic material of the animals.

Mooner, who works as World UFO Photos chief photographer, shot the unexpected encounter in Dawlish Warren, Devon in November.

Cattle mutilations have been reported more often in recent years. The theory is that aliens want to use DNA material from animals to make alien hybrids.

John Mooner said he observed a black object moving along the tree line. He initially thought of a helicopter, but he could only hear the passing train and nothing heard from the flying object. According to his estimate, the UFO has the same size of a large transit van. The witness continued to watch the object as it descended into a field. He saw the black object landed and stayed in there as if it waited for something to arrive. Mooner was amazed to witness the dark object went completely invisible.

The photographer claimed that he wanted to go to the landing area, but he didn’t have a means to get across the water, and the place was too far away. His speculation is that the object was waiting for the farmer to leave his livestock into the field to abduct some animals and kill them for genetic material.