Creepy! Man encountered a six-foot werewolf in West Germany in 1972!

Some of the most terrifying creatures known in the cryptozoology world is probably the big furry pointy fangs walking dog monster widely known as the “Werewolf”.

There are numerous tales of these canine beasts throught out many cultures folklore, and not all of these werewolves of legend are evil and blood thirsty.

One of the most recent and well known werewolf tales is the “Beast of Bray Road Legend”. The first sighting occurred early in the 20th century, in 1936, on a rural area in Wisconsin. During the 1980s more frequent sightings began with reports of a strange big anthropomorphic wolf creature lurking in the night.

Another interesting story is about a werewolf sighting in Wildflecken, Germany, during the 1970s. The person who reported the sighting was a kid back then and was camping somewhere on the woods. When suddenly a strange creature resembling a german sherpard, but with humanoid posture, jumped right through the bonfire in incredible speed.

According to him, there were local legends of an ancient cult that would leave their mortal bodies and turn into strange beasts to protect farmer crops and heal the sick.

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