Leaked NASA image shows 6-mile-long alien mothership on the other side of the moon

Prominent ufologist Scott Waring has found a remarkable image of the Moon which was accidentally released by NASA into the public domain appearing to show an alien mothership located near the Waterman Crater on the dark side of the Moon. The picture was taken during general investigations of the lunar surface during the Apollo 15 mission.


Waring has been proposing that NASA has been aware of alien activity on the lunar surface for a number of years but that they have always withheld this information from the general public. The fact that NASA immediately deleted the images depicted in the video from public access files suggests that they are trying to hide something in this photograph. However, this has not deterred Waring from making the information publicly known. “Since one of the two original photos was deleted by NASA, I think its best to preserve this UFO on video in case the last remaining URL photo is deleted, “he wrote.

Quite typically, detractors have been lining up to provide other potential explanations for this incredible find with the hope of ‘debunking’ Waring’s theory. Some have claimed that the ship is nothing more than a cloud, despite the fact that there are no clouds on the Moon. Others have claimed that the image is nothing more than an incidental reflection of light on the lunar surface. However, multiple images taken from different angles of the Waterman crater all seem to depict the object lying close to it suggesting that it could not be a mere trick of the light.

According to Waring, NASA canceled the Apollo 18, 19 and 20 missions after they made official contact with advanced aliens inhabiting the surface of the Moon. He has suggested that these aliens demanded that humans halt their investigations into the Moon and never return. Waring has said that the discovery of this mothership confirms that this is the case writing, “I have to ask you, what do you think NASA would do if they discovered a 10.6 km long alien vessel parked on the lunar surface on the far side of the Moon?” Waring asked. “They would set up a retrieval mission or at the least explore the interior for technology that they could take home.”

NASA have yet to offer any explanation as to why they released the photograph in the first place or why they were so quick to delete it when it began to gain attention from the public. It has been suggested that it might have been a simple mistake, but others are suggesting that it was released by a whistle blower who wanted to make the public aware of alien activity on the dark side of the Moon.