The ‘Door to Hell’ Found in this Desert Has Been Burning for More than Four Decades!

The Darvaza Gas Crater has been burning for 45 years.

A natural gas crater in Derweze, Turkmenistan has been burning since 1971 and is now dubbed the ‘door to hell’.

Soviet engineers came to the site in 1971, thinking they had found a possible site to dig up oil. But while digging, the ground collapsed, creating a crater with a diameter of 69 metres (226 ft), and a depth of 30 metres (98 ft)

The hole in the ground then started releasing methane gas, a highly flammable natural gas. In fear that nearby towns might get sick from the poisonous gases, the engineers believed that ‘burning’ the gas will kill off any remnants.

They though that the fire will burn out in a few weeks, but it has been burning for more than four decades!