Mysterious: what are these megalithic ‘boxes’ found in an ancient egyptian labyrinth?

It’s amazing how Egypt is filled with so many secrets that were left from almost forgotten times which has left scholars and archaelogists wondering and admiring all the little details and meanings behind many of the megalithic constructions and mysterious artifacts.

One of Egypt’s most curious mysteries are the gigantic boxes found deep in the labyrinthian complex of Saqqara, located near the pyramid of Djoser. The place was discovered in 1850 and it is said to have been built under the rule of pharaoh Ramesses II.

Some of the boxes were built using a very hard material called rose granite, while others were made of diorite which was an even harder stone. The interesting thing about it is that the stone quarry that held the materials in question was located more than 800km from Saqqara.

How did the ancient Egyptians manage to carry and build these giant boxes with so much precision? Did they use some ancient technology that we never heard of? What’s the purpose of these megalithic boxes?

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