Amazing! Three perfectly aligned ‘mile high towers’ found on Mars!

Planet Mars has been the center of attention regarding the flurry of pictures taken from rovers and satellites showing what people think is remains of an ancient Martian civilization.

There have been reports of ancient martian structures and city formations resembling what we would normally find on Earth. Recently some pictures showing hexagonal walled villages appeared which led UFO/Alien enthusiasts to link the strange formations to ancient cities found on our world’s during the Roman empire era. There was also a blurry snap of what seemed like a big fortified city close to a mountainous area.

But even more recently, a new image showing 3 very precise aligned towers or monoliths was revealed. There are theories regarding these towers to have been constructed by ancient aliens, perhaps to serve as power generators or some other important purpose.

Nasa dismisses these theories and jumps straight to the natural rock formations.

Watch the following video to know more!