Archaeologists discover: The first pyramid in the world is located in Kazakhstan ? (VIDEO)

Scientists discovered the remains of the pyramid, which was built 1,000 years before the pyramids in Egypt, and the first pyramid was found in Karaganda, a remote region of Kazakhstan.

A previously unknown pyramids in the Egyptian style was discovered in a remote region of Kazakhstan, about 6,276 kilometers northeast of Cairo. The structure is now in ruins, but it is thought that it is a duplicate of the famous Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt, which was built 1,000 years ago. Archaeologists have discovered the pre least one year, but until now this discovery held in secret, and these days will explore unopened chambers of the pyramid complex, writes Daily Mail.

“It was built more than 3,000 years in Saryarka for local pharaoh, local leaders of the powerful tribes and dates from the late Bronze Age,” says archaeologist Viktor Novozhenov.

See what is hidden inside the pyramid? (VIDEO)

Pictures of this pyramid reveals what Novozhenov called sensational discovery, which show more artifacts excavated at the site and schedule the foundation of the pyramid.

This amazing discovery is led by a team of scientists from the Institute of Archaeology Saryarkinsky in Karaganda under the leadership of Igor Kukushkin.

“The shape of this amazing structure reminded us of the famous Džozerovu pyramid in Egypt,” says Novozhenov.

In Soviet times, Karaganda was the nickname for the middle of nowhere and the destination of political exiles from many parts of the former USSR. However, this discovery shows that it is a city rich in culture.

Photos archaeological site appeared today highlighting the mausoleum that was called Pyramid Begazinskaja, pre built between 3,000 and 3,500 years ago.

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Archaeologist Viktor Varfolomev said that the mausoleum was found in Seth district in Karaganda region in central Kazakhstan, on the right bank of the river Talda. Even the site contains more than 27 structures dating from different eras, and the largest building has five levels of rock. The chamber has seven meters in diameter.

There are pyramids and other places like Mexico and China, but this could be the first pyramid in Kazakhstan.