Was The Egyptian Sarcophagus Mimicking A Deep Space Hibernation Pod?

Cultures from all over the world mummified their dead while virtually using the same techniques. All cultures believed that by going through this mummification process they would be reunited with their body at some point in the future. Amazingly, in the video below, scientists have been successful using cryogenics to place test animals in suspended animation and then reviving them later. Human trials have already begun a very long time ago.

I believe that the ancient peoples witnessed Ancient Astronauts waking up from deep space hibernation pods. These ancient astronauts most likely taught these cultures the secrets of mummification. Not so that they would resurrect the mummified body. But because they would preserve the DNA.

At some point in the future these ancient astronauts promised to return and clone the DNA of these mummies, bringing them back to life in a new body. Modern science is currently astounded at the genetic and DNA preservation in Mummies found all over the world. Scientist now believe that in the near future, a human clone can be produced that will possess the majority of the memories of that person’s past life because the memories are stored in the DNA.

Amazingly, the Atlantean Priest King and former ruler of Khem(Ancient Egypt), named Thoth wrote the the Emerald Tablets Of Thoth. In these writings he says that he has the ability to regenerate himself through a similar process. He claimed to have defeated death by transferring his ego(consciousness) into other men(Avatars or clones) after awaking from each deep and sleep. Could the movie Avatar be an example of Hollywood hiding the truth in plain sight?