2000-Years Lead Books About Jesus Are Authentic

The examination determined the age of lead religious books in Hebrew. It turned out the books that have long been considered as a fake, really have been written 2000 years ago. This was reported by the British edition of Daily Mail.

Books from the lead plates,  stitched with the wire along the perforations were discovered in 2008 by a bedouin named Seda Hassan Saeda. According to one version he got the book by inheritance, according to another Seda fished them out of the river during the floods in the sparsely populated area of Jordan, where in the year 70 AD early Christians moved after the suppression of anti-Roman rebellion .

Physicist Roger Webb  and Chris Jeynes from the British University of Surrey performed a chemical analysis of metal, from which this artifact was made. The composition of the alloy on the basis of lead proved to be identical to that of the Roman lead plate found in England, whose age is about 2000 years old. Isotopic analysis ruled out the possibility that the plates were produced in the XX-XXI centuries. Traces of corrosion also indicate that the age of the plates is approximately two thousand years, the scientists explain.

Text of the books is considered provocative by modern standards : it is, for example, asserts that God, in which the prophet Jesus believed, was both male and female, as well as the doctrine of Christ was not a new religion, but the revival of the ancient Jewish religious tradition dating back to the reign of the legendary king David.

The books also recorded the story of the appearance of God to people during the prayer of Jesus in the temple of Solomon, and mentions the names of the apostles James, Peter and John. As an illustration a portrait of Jesus posted on one of the pages.