‘Help Me’: San Diego Resident Captures Images of ‘Aliens’ inside Home

The woman, who provided a full name but was omitted in the report, said she was taking pictures in her San Diego home when she felt being watched. “I was in my family room taking pictures of the television of the wedding of William and Kate,” she said about the 2011 event. “I felt that I had eyes on me.”

The images, reportedly taken with a Canon Power Shot SD750 camera, show the reflection of the staircase on a mirror. There seem to be two humanoid silhouettes that caught the home owner’s attention.

“I noticed the reflection in the photo about a week after taking the photo. it looked blurry but then I saw what clearly looked like ‘something not of this world’. I downloaded it to my computer and zoomed in. Everyone that has seen this photo says this ‘thing’ sitting on the landing in my home looks like an alien.”


The camera shows the stairs where the alleged aliens were watching the woman. Credit: MUFON

alien picture

Two humanoid silhouettes are reflected on the mirror as they “stare” at the home owner from the stair landing. Credit: MUFON

The owner of the house goes on to say that “strange occurrences” have been taking place in the residence since 1997 but did not elaborate any further. She claims to be horrified by the presence of “these things” and decided to rent the house. But, she says, the family currently staying there are also seeing “unexplainable” things.

“Their daughter has seen and complained of seeing ‘strange beings’ in the house and would not want to sleep alone,” she said.

In January 2016, a woman in Florida told Cryptozoology News that “aliens” were invading her home and that her dogs were “failing to mature”. She submitted a photograph with humanoid shapes very similar to those contained in the recently released San Diego images.


A “grey alien” with big black eyes and thin nostrils shows its face through a screen door in this 2015 photograph.

Meanwhile, the San Diego woman hopes someone at MUFON will come up with a “logical explanation” about the anomaly so that she can “come back home”.