The Vatican says: We are not alone in the cosmos

The Vatican says: We are not alone. The Pope’s astronomers say that extraterrestrial life does exist. According to a new statement from the Vatican, there is in fact, Alien life somewhere else in the universe, but these beings have not been visited by “Jesus” yet. Father Jose Fuenes firmly believes that we are not the only civilization in the cosmos. There is life somewhere else.

It seems kind of weird, the newest statement from the popes Astronomers who say that alien life does exist when, 400 years ago, the Catholic Church condemned Galileo Galilei for daring to say that the Earth was not the center of the universe. It seems that now, over 400 years, the Vatican has a more relaxed perception of man’s place in the cosmos and argues that recent discoveries of exoplanets in habitable zones have strengthened the notion of intelligent life on other planets.

But does the Vatican know something we do not know? How is it possible that they have changed their opinions so drastically in a relatively “short” period of time?

Despite their strict views, Vatican astronomers firmly believe that there are other civilizations out therein the cosmos, and it is unlikely that a counterpart of Jesus was sent to save them too.

Father Jose Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory said: “”There is probably ” It is very likely that there is intelligent extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universe, but I am not sure if we’ll ever find them,” he added, “The discovery of intelligent life does not mean that there is another Jesus. The incarnation of the Son of God is a unique event in the history of mankind and the universe. ”

This isn’t the first time that the Vatican’s astronomers speak publicly about Alien life, In 2008, Father Funes declared that the existence of extraterrestrial life does not contradict Catholic doctrine or the Bible.

An artist’s recreation of Kepler-452b and Earth

An artist’s recreation of Kepler-452b and Earth

His latest comments were motivated by the brilliant discovery of an “older cousin” of our planet, located 1,400 light years away: Kepler-452b.

Father Funes characterized the discovery of the newest exoplanet as “great news” for the entire world.

In his article for L’Osservatore Romano, Father Funes wrote: “Our galaxy contains more than a hundred billion stars. Considering the number of exoplanets discovered, it seems that most of the stars in our galaxy, at least potentially, have planets where life can develop. ” He added: “The new planet Kepler-452b revives the idea of contact and -why not- the possibility of an encounter with an alien civilization; although, personally, I am skeptical that this event of cosmic proportions will happen soon.

“Moreover, Funes insisted that “there is no contradiction between extraterrestrial life and the Christian faith,” while “the search for other life in the universe helps us to understand ourselves”