Australia is beautiful: See a hawk literally throw a snake at an innocent family

Australia is a glorious land full of beautiful nature and wonderful wildlife. You can do things like take the family down to the water, and there will be BBQ facilities already set up for you to cook your snags! You can just relax and take in the glorious view.  And that’s exactly what this family did in Melbourne.

They went down with their esky with a ‘geelong cats’ sticker stuck on the side, and had a plate of snags with plenty of tomato sauce (yes i did some CSI-pausing on the video to inspect their lunch) all ready to chow down on. Then they saw a magnificent huge bird, and excitedly got the phone out to take some footage of it. What a perfect day.

Oh yeah except then they watched as the bird circled, flew down to pick up a snake, AND DROPPED THE LIVE SNAKE DIRECTLY ONTO THEM.

Brings a tear to the eye, really. What a country.

If this turns out to be a prank or fake or a viral ad we apologize unreservedly to the hawk but it’s still a TERRIFYING VIDEO.