Orb UFO Shoots Its Guns at Chemtrails, Bizarre Residue Starts Falling

While investigating the sky for unusual appearances, UFO hunters have stumbled upon these enigmatic bright orbs that seem to perform various actions right above our heads. They can be seen during the night while executing law-defying maneuvers, brisk turns and strange dips in brightness. The orbs appear even during the day, unconcerned about humans observing them.

During the last couple of months, it appears that their activity has intensified, with reports coming from all over the world, not only from the UFO hunters, but also from regular people surprised by these orb UFOs. What they try to achieve or who controls them remains yet another topic of debate, but the following video will reveal a small glimpse of what these orbs are doing.

The renowned UFO hunter and analyst Mr. Crow of YouTube managed to film such an orb during the day while shooting into the chemtrails. He did an amazing job highlighting the shots fired by the orb. As you will notice, the strange shots are nothing compared to what we’ve seen on our earthly crafts, as one missile goes forward while the other one is fired from the side of the orb (barely visible because of the chemtrail cloud).

The above video reveals an unusual behavior of the so-called orb UFO that’s shooting at something found into the chemtrails. Before it performs this action, the orb speeds up for a brief moment before suddenly slowing down. A second shot coming from its left side is visible, thus exposing an otherworldly shooting system. After the shooting is over, bizarre white residue falls from the sky, indicating that the orb reached its target, whatever it was.

As Mr. Crow stated in the video, the orbs could be either controlled by someone or they could possess an independent will and act on their own, as if they were programmed.

 “At this point, I can safely say these are intelligent things or they are being intelligently controlled. It seems to me that they are probably not with the chem planes, they are not on the same mission as the chem planes, otherwise why would they be shooting things? That’s just my guess, nothing more!”

The mysterious orbs have a few things in common: they pulsate, merging from a big ball of light to an almost invisible dot on the sky, they perform maneuvers defying the laws of physics and after they accomplish their mission (whatever that may be), they fly up until they go out of sight. Could the peculiar flying orbs be part of a secret military or governmental project? Are they being controlled by someone or do they act as programmed?

 As far as our imagination can stretch, these bright orbs might be artificially intelligent (AI) devices because of the advanced features they seem to possess. After further analysis, they are believed to be about 9-feet wide. The strange devices can be seen at night performing strange rituals at high altitude even without special equipment.

Reports referring to these peculiar sightings appeared from early 2000s, this way excluding any drone possibilities. When thinking about a military jet or helicopter scenario, the sparkling orbs contradicts this theory through their extended maneuverability and newly discovered circular shooting system.

The presented case offers great insight into the UFO phenomenon, as it clearly shows that something really strange is happening above us. Could this mean that planet Earth is home to an alien base, or does it point towards an alien monitoring scenario? Are we humans part of a much bigger picture, with aliens, AI and our governments on the same part of the bargain?

Whatever the case, until further evidence we can only take a wild guess at what these things are and what their mission here on Earth might be.