Identical Underground Alien UFO Base Entrance Structures Found On Moon And Mars In Google Maps

The UFO hunter Sandra Elena Andrade reports discovery of identical underground alien UFO base entrance structures on the Moon and Mars months after she reported spotting on Google Maps hidden artificial structures on Mars, including a huge entrance to a massive underground alien UFO base.

Andrade’s latest discovery has generated a buzz in the UFO community and sparked lively debates in UFO forums. Many UFO and alien hunters have suggested that the identical structures on the Moon and Mars prove that Mars was colonized by a technological alien race that also established a colony on the Moon. Alien hunters believe that the alien race responsible for the identical structures on the Martian and lunar surfaces is one of several already known to UFO researchers, such as the Grey aliens.

 The Inquisitr reported in December last year Andrade’s discovery of several artificial structures on Google Mars which — according to alien and UFO hunters — appeared to have been constructed by alien races wishing to hide their presence on the Red Planet.

According to Andrade, the mysterious structures were discovered on Mars despite efforts by NASA to conceal them.

UFO hunters, such as Dabhoo77, soon highlighted a particular structure that appeared to be a large opening on the Martian surface leading apparently to a hidden underground alien base.

 The apparent opening on the Martian surface attracted a lot of attention in the UFO community because many UFO enthusiasts believed it was conclusive evidence of alien life on Mars.

Dahboo77 argued there was no way that NASA could claim that the structure was a rock formation or a shadow.

UFO blogger Scott Waring said at the time that it appeared the base had been abandoned by the aliens who constructed it. But Dabhoo77 thought the structure could still have aliens occupying them.

 “Rumor has it that most of Mars bases are inhabited… and curios [sic] people continue to find fact based evidence that leads to truth,” a UFO enthusiast commented.

On February 17, 2016, more than a year after the discovery of the entrance to an underground base on Mars, Sandra Elena Andrade announced discovery of identical underground alien base entrance structures on Mars and the Moon.

Announcing the latest discoveries on YouTube, Andrade wrote, “I have no doubt that this is one of the most striking discoveries of recent times… we had found on Mars and the Moon an intriguing mystery.”

The entrance to an underground alien base on Mars was spotted at coordinates 45°56’56.49″N 23°32’19.78″E, while the entrance on the Moon was spotted at coordinates 26°21’55.79″N 12° 6’54.14″E, both on Google Maps.

UFO researchers believe that the identical hatches suggest the Moon and Mars were colonized in the past by the same spacefaring alien species. Many recalled a previous discovery by Andrade of locations on Mars and the Moon inscribed with the number “58.”

Researchers argued that the numerical inscriptions were created by the aliens who constructed the identical alien base structures on Mars and the Moon.

 We reported Andrade’s discovery of the number “58” inscription on the Moon and Mars in January, 2016, after she uploaded the Google Maps images showing the inscriptions on December 28, 2015.

UFO blogger Scott Waring confirmed the Mars coordinates of the inscription as 1°29’8.27″N 23° 0’11.92″W. But there appeared to be some confusion about the exact location of the alleged corresponding inscription on the lunar surface.

Andrade argued that the inscriptions prove the presence of intelligent alien explorers in our solar system.

 Waring suggested that the number was a code used by aliens to warn other visitors to steer clear. Others suggested they were used to guide alien UFOs to landing. But UFO hunters were unanimous that alien visitors deliberately adopted human numerals as a way of indicating that the piece of extraterrestrial estate was located close to the planet Earth.

However, skeptics have dismissed the series of discoveries by Andrade.

A skeptic who argued that they were “probably dead pixels” was ridiculed.

But another UFO hunter, WhatsUpInTheSky37, suggested the structures and numerical inscriptions were not created by aliens but artifacts of the map-making process created by technicians “lining up images on the globe.”

Other skeptics agreed with WhatsUpInTheSky37. A skeptic, Bruce Arnold, also suggested that the number inscription “58” was likely a label used by Google technicians constructing models of the Moon and Mars from small pieces of the whole.

An underground alien base

An artist’s impression of an underground alien base [Image via Shutterstock]

But UFO hunters rejected the suggestions. “No stitching here. I’ve been doing this for decades and I find no flaws in the photo here,” Waring said.

UFO hunter Dabhoo77 insisted that the evidence of life on Mars was indisputable. Refuting skeptics, he argued that the alleged entrances to underground bases and other structures on Mars and the Moon had distinctive fine details and thus could not be artifacts of the map-making process.

He gave scathing criticism of skeptics who support NASA’s alleged sinister policy of hiding the truth about aliens and UFOs on Mars by inventing clever arguments to explain away the mounting evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. He accused skeptics of allowing themselves to be used as tools to promote NASA’s sinister policy of non-disclosure of the truth about UFOs and alien life.

“Every time an amazing discovery is made on Mars, they quickly tell the sheep it is a rock or shadow!” he wrote. “No doubt, some of the small minded out there will buy NASA’s lies. But for those out there with an open mind and know we are being lied to, this find speaks volumes!”

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