Two Alien Civilizations Helped Forge Humans, Studies Say

There have been no proof of other life forms in the universe — the closest that humans know regarding extraterrestrial life is that there are a few planets that may be livable, but no further studies have seen anything that resembled life in the cosmos.

Still, despite the lack of proof of extraterrestrial life, some people still believe that aliens do live in deep space somewhere. As Ancient-Code asked – how could it be possible that one moment, people are living in caves, and the next, they were building complex cities?

This led many to believe that forms of ancient alien civilizations made their way to our Earth and intervened in the past to help forge the humans that we know today. According to the site, there have been evidence of our planet being visited by highly advanced civilizations hundreds and thousands of years ago – and helped forge us by modifying our genes and helping ancient men advance through history faster than they did before.

Among those who believed in the existence of aliens is Adam Frank, who wrote in The New York Times that yes, there have been aliens. He cited astronomer Frank Drake’s equation that calculated the odds of advanced alien civilizations making its way in the universe.

Drake’s equation measured different angles of possibility, leading him to believe, according to Popular Sciences, that advanced alien civilizations “almost certainly existed at some point in cosmic history.”

Ancient Code however, took it a step further to discuss the two most influential ancient alien civilizations that could have contributed to this apparent accelerated advancement of the human race: the Annunaki aliens who are said to have humanoid form. They were said to be the ones who deposited the so-called “water of life.” The other civilization is known simply as the “Greys,” who are said to have visited the earth in the past, and even now, at the present. These aliens are among the most famous in the 21st century, and are said to be responsible for most modern-day abductions on earth.

Of course, there is no scientific proof of the presence of these ancient alien civilizations, either.