In the center of Kiev found the ancient Palace of Prince Vladimir.

Metropolitan builders in the city center found part of the Palace of Prince Vladimir of Kievan Rus period.

A sensational find was discovered during the repair of the stairs at the corner of Vladimirskaya street and Andriyivskyy descent, writes «Today».

«The builders removed a retaining wall, to strengthen it, was found and opened part of the Foundation of the southern Palace, built in the late tenth century! It was built simultaneously with the tithe Church by Vladimir. Most likely, the building was bunk and constructed of stone», — told the researcher of the Institute of archaeology of NAS of Ukraine Vitaly Kozuba.

He noted that it is not known why it was used, but it is likely that this building received guests and held celebrations at a high level.

«There is a high probability that there have repeatedly visited the Prince Vladimir», — said Kasuba.

According to him, the Foundation of the Palace is very valuable to the history of Kiev because it is the oldest stone construction of the period of Kievan Rus in Eastern Europe, which can be seen.

The total area of the Palace was about 500 sq m (the length of the wall — 40 on 6 meters), but still only 7 m., open for viewing 5 m. Foundation Depth is about one meter.

«The municipality and the Ministry of culture know about the opening of the Foundation, and now the issue about the possibility to useefficiency. For example, a part can be processed with the necessary substances that were not destroyed, and put it under glass. This could be a very interesting object for tourists», — said Kasuba.

According to the publication, the builders also found human bones – 15 individual fragments.

Archaeologist called this is natural, since around of the tithe Church in XVII-XVIII centuries there was a huge cemetery.

«During the pre-revolutionary excavations there were found about 500 graves, and in 2005-2011 – even more than a hundred, because this is bones from destroyed burials in the cemetery, which was in three tiers,» explained Kasuba.

The restoration of the fence, which will cost more than UAH 10 million, financed by one of the patrons of Kiev, and he does not mind to pay more for the museumification of the unique Palace.

How much it will cost the museumification of the Foundation, the experts have not yet specified, but, according to preliminary estimates, it will take several hundred thousand hryvnia.

According to the Chairman of the public organization «St. Andrew-the Infinity initiative» Marina Solovieva, to complete the restoration of the fence and stair plan at the end of June.

Recall also that at the end of 2015, has been restored to the original contour of the Foundation of the tithe Church, implemented within the framework of the project «Conservation of the excavation of the foundations of the Church of the virgin (tithe), which provided for the recovery of the trace of the foundations of Church tithes and landscaping of the adjacent territory.


Vladimir I Svyatoslavich (about 960 years — 15 July 1015) — Prince of Novgorod in 970 — 988 years, the Grand Prince of Kiev, in which there was the baptism of Rus.

Became Prince of Novgorod in 970, and seized the throne of Kiev in 978. In 988 chose Christianity as the state religion of Kievan Rus. In baptism received the Christian name of Basil.

Also known as St. Vladimir, Vladimir the Great, Vladimir the Baptist (Church history) and Vladimir the Red Sun (in the epics).

He was canonized as equal to the apostles; day of remembrance in the Orthodox Church — July 15 according to the Julian calendar and in the Galician Cathedrals, Pskov, Kiev and Volyn saints.

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