Fossils of the oldest skeletal animals found in Yakutia. Age 550 mln years

In Ust-Maya district of Yakutia paleontologists have discovered for the first time the remains of the oldest skeletal animals whose age – more than 550 million years. This allows you to return to the start of evolution on the Earth for over 20 million years, says Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of Moscow State University named Andrei Zhuravlev.

“Russian-Chinese-British expedition led by paleontologist RAS Andrey Ivantsov discovered in Yakutia on the rivers in May and Udoma the most ancient skeletal marine organisms with a complex constitution. Estimated dating – more than 550 million years and is the oldest discovery in the world since the fossils found in China and Namibia belong to a later period, but they have very simple structure. Organisms founded in Yakutia  have more complex structure and shift the first appearance of skeletal animals on the Earth to over 20 million years ago, “- said paleontologist.

According to him, earlier it was claimed that the first skeleton organisms were arranged simply, but a new discovery makes it possible to revise this theory. “The first animals were very difficult to find” – said Zhuravlev.

The findings will be studied in England, China and Moscow. “Scientists will explore ocean sediments to find out what has changed in the world’s oceans.  The study of pH, oxygen saturation levels will be conducted to find new fossils” – said the scientist.

In addition, laboratory tests of mineral skeleton of animals will be done during next months . The final results will appear in a year.

This summer, on the river Buotama in Khangalassky region of Yakutia scientists from the Paleontological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences with the participation of paleontologist Andrew Ivantsova discovered fossils of ancient invertebrate animals with the age of 540 million years.



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