Recently Discovered Mayan Pyramid Confirmed As One Of The Largest Ever Seen

Researchers have confirmed that the Mayan pyramid excavated at the Acropolis of Toniná, Chiapas is one the largest pyramids ever discovered. Discovered in 2010, Emiliano Gallaga and his team began their excavation under the impression that the pyramid was built on the top of a hill. It was not until recently that they’ve managed to fully assess it and truly see what they’re working with.

Wighing in at 75-meters tall with seven distinct districts all with their own purpose – such as Temples, palaces, markets, housing, administration – the magnitude of the Toniná pyramid compares even to that of the Tlachihualtepetl (artifical mountain) pyramid of Cholula, Puebla, roughly 70 meters in height. Researchers have hopes that further translation of the hieroglyphics may uncover the reasons as to why the Mayan civilization collapsed in this region. Containing over 300 ancient hieroglyphic texts so far identified, the Toniná pyramid has been classified as one of Mexico’s most significant historic land marks.

“It’s a big surprise to see that the pyramid was done almost entirely by pre-Hispanic architects and therefore is more artificial than natural… it was believed that the entire structure was a natural hill, but recent evidence has revealed that the structure was almost entirely built by ancient inhabitants.” said Gallaga





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  1. “done almost entirely by pre Hispanic architects”??

    What exactly did any Hispanic contribute and when?

  2. Tortas used with human tongue after the blood sacrifice .

  3. Amazing that native people left all these fantastic structures and decided to live in dirt floor huts.

  4. sure the native peoples provided the labor for the off-world colonizers’ buildings with mosaic floors and such…seems the indigenous peoples never got testy of the ‘master caste’ living well off compared to their hand-to-mouth austerity…unless of course the native family surrendered one of their children to skull elongation binding procedures to become a future sacrifice with a weird skull like the Aliens themselves

  5. Have any of you studied the Mayab? And how many have been to places like Chichen Itza and isla Mujeres? I felt I could eat off the floors of the homes I visited. Evil? God doesn’t make evil people. A very relative term. Study the culture. I see more “evil” in the USA and throughout the world today than the composits of history could equal it seems. But that’s just it. SEEMS

  6. I totally I agree with you! This are ignorant people who doesn’t know anything about ancient cultures and they feel comfortable hiding behind a computer talking trash about ancient cultures…. The day they will educate themselves is the day they will live better AND understand that nowadays we kill eachother for a pair of shoes or because you honk to someone to hurry up and move!….. Ignorance is bliss…smh

  7. By utterly decimating the populations of the very people’s who were being sacrificed in the first place you imbecile!
    The Mayans, to whom this site belongs, did not engage in human sacrifice. You are thinking, in your own muddle headed way, of the Aztecs — an utterly rapacious, brutal and savage group whose empire was built on necromancy on a level not seen again until the Nazis.
    If you need to know what necromancy means, google it.

  8. I have lived and worked in Central America for 16 years and visited many Mayan sites in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. Of course the Mayans used human sacrifice. The evidence is abundant of extraction of the heart’s and use of blood of captive groups in sun worship. In Copan there is a large circular stone block used to capture the blood. Just look it up.

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