True Biblical Buckles Has Been Found in Legendary Sodom! (Photo + Video!)

After decades of excavations in the region Tal-el-Hamman in Jordan, archaeologists have found the remains of the ancient city supposedly biblical Sodom – in its existence for a long time, scientists did not believe, and considered a legend.

According to archaeologists, some remnants of the city location of signs identical with the biblical description of God destroyed Sodom. The remains of the city belong to the Bronze Age, they are located on the legendary Jordan River, and date back to the period from 3500 to 1450 years BC, which is the same as the estimated time of the cities mentioned in the Old Testament.

According to the biblical sources of Sodom and Gomorrah were located on the banks of the Jordan River, just north of the Dead Sea, it was rich and green the city – they did not have the lack of water. Sodom was located at the crossroads of trade routes, was well fortified and surrounded by thick walls – the remnants of the walls were actually discovered by archaeologists.

Researcher Stephen Collins from Trinity Southwest University, New Mexico, believes that the size of the city and its location quite suggests it thus Sodom. He did not agree with the historians who believe the biblical city is a fiction – more natural, in his view, the chroniclers were put in the basis of the Old Testament true stories and legends. The team under his direction has unearthed a stunning wall height and thickness, which, in fact, had to make a lasting impression on his contemporaries – about 10 meters high and 7 meters thick, built of huge blocks, with internal passages.

Found numerous artifacts – pottery, tools, jewelry, weapons, evidence of active trading activities of the city. “So, I came to the conclusion that if we assume the real existence of Sodom, that is what he is, a monument to the time of Abraham. We know very little about the Bronze Age in the region, the majority of archaeological cards is are solid white spots “- Collins told the magazine Popular Archaeology.

According to the scientist, the city is actively lived about 700 years, and then for some reason, was abandoned by the inhabitants and destroyed. Biblical sources tell us that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God for the sins of its inhabitants.

According to legend, God appeared to Abraham in the form of three angels, and said that he wants to destroy the base of Sodom and Gomorrah because of the people behave badly and do not respect. Abraham’s nephew was living in Sodom, Lot, Abraham, and begged the angels to save the righteous living in the city, citing as the main, of course, his own nephew.

The angels came to Lot, he begged them to stay for the night, and then to his home came pervert people of the city and asked them to send angels to various obscene entertainment. Lot offered his own daughters in exchange but did not give the angels. As a result, God sent the city a firestorm and dreadful hailstones, Lot fled, his wife, curious and turned and turned into a pillar, in-law died, and were saved only Lot and his daughters, who, without thinking twice, spawned from their own dad entire nations. Those were among the peoples of biblical spiritual values and buckles … Lot flees with the daughters of God’s wrath, using connections – close to the power of his uncle Abraham.


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