10 Shocking Discoveries In The Underwater World

Mankind has always interested in the question what is in the depths of the underwater. For a long time, there was no answer for this question until the first equipment for diving has been invented. Since that time, a lot of discoveries has been made in the bottom of the world ocean.

In addition to the inhabitants of the marine world and various wrecks, it was found very interesting artifacts and natural phenomena that shock explorers and scientists. Fabweb will tell you 10 amazing finds from the seabed.

 “Apollo 11” Engine

After the “Apollo 11” has fulfilled its mission, the fragments of the space shuttle were on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. To find some fragment of a rocket in 2012 Jeff Bezos spent the whole operation on searching some parts of it. In the end, it took three weeks to pick up from a depth of 4300 meters the engine “Apollo 11”.

The Government Commission meeting

To draw attention to the problems of climate change and sea level rise, the President of the Republic of Maldives held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers under the water. This meeting took place in 2009 at a depth of six meters near the island of Girifushi.

Underground River

It’s hard to believe, but in Mexico there is a cave that resembles a bifurcated world. The world outside and the world under the water, where there are different trees, islands and a huge river of hydrogen sulfide.

The wreckage of the locomotive

If shipwrecks somehow can be explained at the bottom of the ocean, and how to explain the wreckage of two rare locomotives. The common assumption is as if the time of the storm, they fell from a barge.

Ancient Japanese monument

The unidentified rock formation that was named a monument of Yonaguni, about five thousand years.Found this structure near the island of Yonaguni. Nobody knows for sure what civilization built it.

Water spider

As it turned out, the belief that spiders live only on land are very wrong. Spider-jewel may remain for a long time under water, thanks to the ability to hold air between the hairs. Those spiders live basically in standing and slowly flowing waters.

Ancient city


The whole city is located on the bottom of the lake in Zhejiang Province in China. Construction of hydropower plants has led to that the water took about fifty thousand acres of land and twenty-seven cities.


In Cancun, having been opened an unusual museum, which is located under the water of the Caribbean. All the exhibits that there are changed periodically, as due to the fact that they are in the water they begin to grow algae.

Pearl Harbour Wrecks

A lot of ships, planes, tanks and another armory from the times of World War II are on the bottom of Pacific and Atlantic oceans. A silent reminder of destructive and greatest world war.

Jesus Christ Underwater

You can find Jesus Christ statue underwater – a smaller copy of famous Rio-de-Janeiro sightseeing attraction. Now it’s a bit customize with water inhabitants.

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