NASA Found That Everything the Bible Says Is True

NASA’s recent discovery shed new light on what the Bible says, thus confirming that these biblical stories are in fact true. In the words of Mr. Harold Hill, the President of the Curtis engine Company in Baltimore, also a consultant in space programs: “One of the most amazing things that God has for us today happened recently to our astronauts and space scientists at Green Belt, Maryland”.


As scientists were inspecting the positions of several space objects including the Sun, the Moon and the planets and their positions in 100 and 1000 years – this is done regularly in order to prevent our satellites from colliding with the orbits of the planets. The orbits have to be determined on time so that the space projects do not interrupt their course. During the computer calculations, a red signal put everything at a standstill, meaning that something was wrong, either with the data or the results. After the intervention of the service department, the scientist concluded that somewhere in space a day was missing in elapsed time!

Nobody could solve the issue until one Christian explained that in Sunday school they were told about the Sun standing still. Of course, no one believed, but when the man took the Bible, he opened the book of Joshua and a pretty absurd statement made a lot of sense.

They read the passage when God said to Joshua: “Fear them not, I have delivered them into thy hand; there shall not be a man of them stand before thee.” (Joshua 10:8).

Joshua was worried because he was surrounded by the enemy, and if darkness fell, he’d be conquered. So Joshua asked the Lord to make the sun stand still! That’s right – “And the sun stood still and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is this not written in the book of Ja’-sher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven and hastened not to go down about a whole day.” (Joshua 10:13).The scientists soon concluded that this was the missing day. They examined the computer calculations and found that the time missing was in fact 23 hours and 20 minutes, which doesn’t make a full day like in the book of Joshua.

After reading the Bible again, they saw that it said “about (approximately) a day.” Although the Bible was true, they were still missing 40 minutes which had to be accounted for, because if not, it could create problems 1,000 years from now. The Christian then remembered something in the Bible which said that the Sun went backwards. No one believed again, but then they opened the Bible and were proved wrong.

Hezekiah was visited on his deathbed by Isaiah the prophet, who told him that it’s not his time yet. Hezekiah asked for a sign, and Isaiah asked if the Sun would go forward ten degrees, or go back ten degrees? Hezekiah answered: “It is a light thing for the shadow to go down ten degrees; nay, but let the shadow return backwards ten degrees.”

And Isaiah the prophet cried unto the Lord, and He brought the shadow ten degrees backward, by which it had gone down in the dial of Ahaz.” 10 degrees equals 40 minutes! The 23 hours and 20 minutes from Joshua and the 10 degrees (40 minutes) in the 2 kings accounted for the missing day!




  1. Если это > все vse < NASA vykhodit iz Pisaniya – chto den' byl dlinneye, chem 24 chasa – they're ne obrashchaya vnimaniya na mnogoye drugoye . Pisaniye takzhe govorit , zemlya imeyet chetyre ugla , chetyre kolonny s zolotymi kol'tsami , i chto Nebesa dvigat'sya , a ne nam .

  2. It’s ten STEPS in Hebrew in Isaiah 38:8. 2nd Kings 20:8-10 the shadow went down ten steps. This time was calculated to be when PlanetX or Niburu was going by the earth and it’s because there was a polar movement due to the magnetic field being affected and tilted the earth in a N-S direction. From the tower, the window looking out on the steps revealed the shadow moved from the top step to the bottom step. See this video to understand the effect of this planet and it’s historic documentation in parts of the world in art forms.

  3. Lord Have Mercy it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. God is who he say he is and to limit him is an insult. He’s God Almighty! Alpha and Omega…..The beginning and ending. Shalom

  4. Is not the Earth and other planets in our Solar System rotate on their own respective axes while whirling around the Sun, the Sun being the center of our system? So it is not the Sun which stood still for 23 hours and 20 minutes but the Earth, going by the literal reading of this particular Old Testament verses. But then, this implies the impossible for it meant the Earth stopping its travel around the Sun which would result in the ocean going over continents and all creatures on earth’s surface killed. But this did not happen because the Jews were able to achieve victory over their enemies! What sayeth, Dude?

  5. Wow! I strongly believe in God Almighty and I personally know He can’t be faulted. His words are right,His ways are peaceful and His kingdom is everlasting. May all the glory and adoration be unto you the INFO AM THAT I AM amen. I am glad to read and listen to the information.
    Thank you the NASA team.

  6. So when are you gonna give blacks Hispanics and Native Indians their

    True identities. The 12 lost tribes
    Of Israel.

    Netanyahu is Idumea.

  7. Crap! God never determined time in minutes and hours and every planet has its moon or satellite! This is load of crap!

  8. Great and mighty is God, when I look around and behold the mighty deeds of God and perfections of them all, I lack words and melt in my spirit.
    I know that the numbers the planet God made is greater than the discoveries of the svientiests.
    Of a truth, God is OMINISCIENCE .

  9. God left some things to further authenticate scripture, man shall come to the knowledge of the one true God. Without the Bible science will be confused, but God help science to be accurate in their calculations so they can prove Him right. They are right there in His hands, used by Him to validate Him. He is an awesome God.

  10. And that’s the lie of the scientists. The earth is the centre not the sun. The sun goes round the earth

  11. O yes! Jesus loves you; HE died for our sins you inclusive! HE saved my soul, a wretched and filthy sinner like me but, to GOD be the Glory I am a new man, daily working out my salvation till I can be completely without blemish.
    Please give your life to Jesus: HE understands your hurt and resentment more than anyone or anything you indulge in (that seemingly takes away the pain). Open your heart to GOD again let HIM fill you with love. Study the Bible, let that be your standard, fellowship in a Bible-believing and practicing church: I recommend The Redeemed Christian Church of GOD. I must need remind you that there is no perfect church, place, person; only the Sovereign GOD is perfect and so is Heaven which will be the home of GOD’S people too in eternity. GOD Bless you 😊

  12. Research people. This story has circulated a couple times since 2012. It never happened. Urban legend.

  13. The earth did not stop revolving around the sun, I think it’s the earth’s rotation that stop while revolving around the sun. Agree ?

  14. Oh god… almighty…
    “The sun is stationary”…
    Oh god… please strike this fool with some lightning or something!

  15. We don’t need scientists to prove our religion exist(African religion),I don’t believe in the Bible with it’s mysterious Fables I often ask myself if Jesus knew that there was a continent named Africa filled with black people because I have never heard someone mentioning a verse about blacks.fuck the Bible and fuck the missionaries who brainwashed our forefathers making them doubt their worth.Jesus died for his own sins as the why do we have to go to Churchand live accordingly to the bible in order to pave our way to Heaven if Jesus already died for our sins.I know people who are very kind and live righteously but they have never stepped into the Church it’s all up to you to live right,as it was the Easter families died on their way to This fuckin Good Friday and you still say there is this Jew watching over you

  16. When the was recording or giving accounts of the sun, you are talking of the earth. It is the sun that commands the solar system. So basically, if the sun have to stand still, everything automatically have stand still.

  17. When the Bible was recording or giving accounts of the sun, you are talking of the earth. It is the sun that commands the solar system. So basically, if the sun have to stand still, everything automatically have stand still.

  18. pls read the Bible for yourself …there’s an african in the Bible…

  19. NASA released a statement saying Mr. Hill worked as a plant engineer and had no involvement with space programs.

  20. my friend dont be an idiot…self righteous is a sure way to condemnation..better believe what the Bible says so that in the end if its true, then you are safe, if its not true, then you lived a peaceful and a good life

  21. Better repent…and dont die in ur ignorance.. May God have Marcy on u… N show u his glory. U will preach his word some day… Mark it.

  22. Pray for them. As scripture says every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Christ is Lord.

  23. Thank you! Their not! Not as long as white men rule the world. But most of us know what the truth is!

  24. God created everything and could snuff us all out in the time it takes to suck the ozygen out of the air we breathe- do you think He couldn’t work that one out.

  25. Beautiful answers this I have to say is God loving while in our sins Christ died for us.The painful thing is S(I)N & without the letter “I”is the greatest disfavour to mankind. Pls my brother my prayer is that the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to see the beauty of His love to you.

  26. Pascal’s wager is not a valid reason to believe. Look up “why Pascal’s wager doesn’t work” and prevent confirmation bias

  27. Can ANYONE show me the research that NASA did?

    This story is a complete LIE. NASA never did any research into the sun stopping in the sky.

    Please stop being gullible and stop believing any nonsense someone posts.

  28. The latest data actually confirms the Earth is at the centre. The centre is the centre of mass of the universe. Both the Planck satellite data and the WMAP confirmed this implication and falsifies the Copernican or Cosmological Principle.
    Furthermore, both the Ptolemaic model and Copernican model are essentially the same. They only differ in in convention or coordinate system.

  29. True. The Earth frame of reference actually solves the problem of dark energy. Read about the findings of WMAP and Planck satellite results on the Microwave Background Radiation.

  30. The unbelief of man will never change d word of God or his greatness The BBible is true n guide for all humanity no matter ur continent

  31. Hmmmm…..
    Okay. So here’s a little useful insight that will help.
    First of all, the name “Africa” is from a man who claimed he discovered our continent called Paul African us. You can look it up. The truth of the matter is that this continent is Called Eden with the garden being currently represented by Israel. Read Genesis and use the rivers described and it will point out the position of the earthly Garden.
    Another thing to note is that Solomon was dark skinned, read songs of Solomon’s first few vrs in chapter 1.
    The whole continents as it is when correctly positioned is evidence that it split apart from our Africa.
    These are just the natural evidence I share with you. The Word of God what it is. It might be missing a few pieces but in life you don’t need to eat the whole piece to know what it is. Fragments are enough to prove it.
    Yeshua Harmashiac is evident. Just because you serve me a meal doesn’t mean you cooked it or you invented it. Its like saying because “google” made search engines what it is today means they invented search engines. We know that it wasn’t a White dude in USA who discovered electricity because the Egyptians had electricity way back. When knowledge is lost and somehow gained again doesn’t mean the one who comes to the realisation of the theory is the maker of it. Besides, you say you invent some, or discover it but wisdom should let you realise that you are merely following principles established before you came into existence. Lightening is electricity, that should tell you that your knowledge and awareness has just been synced into what’s already in existence and created by a force way toooo humbling for the ‘carnal mind to comprehend’. YAHWEH is who he is, and we punie little creature who can’t even predict what happens to us the next second should humble ourselves and be renewed by the little knowledge we have.
    Man. How inconsiderate we are. We don’t even pity our frail form, to even acknowledge our essence in a greater plan. God have Mercy.

  32. Like what? A flat earth and a geocentric model?


  33. The truth of the matter is the entire article is full if shit and you religious fanatics really need to stop your bullshit and pick up a science book for once in your wishing there was a god lives. The entire article is fake and here’s the link to prove it.

  34. I was given a document relating this same event back in 1990 that the sun stood still for 24 hrs and the two scriptures that give reason for the occurrence.
    The original article appeared in the Evening World, a newspaper in Spencer, Indian in 10-10-69
    This was a verbatim print of the testimony given by George M. Collies who quotes Mr. Harold Hill, President of Curtis Engine Company in Balintore, Md.and a consultant in the space program.
    So there are some names and dates that can be researched.
    My testimony added to true believers is that I do take all that the Bible says as the literal word of God, our eternal Heavenly Father. I believe the two events found in Joshua 10 and II KINGS 20

  35. Correction to some autotext
    Spencer, INDIANA
    George M. CILLIERS
    Curtis Engen Company, BALTIMORE

  36. For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness….1 Corinthians 1; 18
    You are among the reasons we need lots of preachers. You are perishing foolishness.

  37. The research was not for the sun stopping on the sky.
    The research was to check the position of the sun, moon and planets out in space where they would be 100 years and 1000 years from now. This is done to do satellite orbit projections. At the time they ran the computer measurements back and forth and came up with the missing day in elapsed time.

  38. God has forgiving u ur blasphemy bcos He is a merciful God and ur sins have already been purged by Christ….so forgive urself and repent.

  39. Bless you Josh!its my prayer this person comes to the saving knowledge of Christ.Like paul this person will preach the gospel far and near.

  40. Can ya tell me What was his sin ?So that he was sentenced to be punished

  41. For all you who doubt creation, the creator and God, please carefully read Job 38 to 41 and provide answers to all the questions God asked…..thank you!!

  42. Bible is true from the very beginning,nt yesterday or today.
    BIBLE is God.Scientists have never believe Bible I wonder what is gonna Be.

  43. this story was circulating when I was a child – long before there was a NASA. There were several versions back then, but it was always some scientific institute or university that was quoted. It never happened – Fundamentalist myth.

  44. You called us brainwashed Christians, but my friend we did not called ourselves Christians, it was the name given to us… Yup if believing what is truth is brainwashed then we gladly accept your comments. But before all just think who created you? A supreme God or a monkey?

  45. What we need to know is to believe in God. Our father in heaven will always takecare of these things. Worship God and you will be bless Not NASA!

  46. That’s what a human mind can think of… but he is God so he can do the impossible.. May be God just stopped the time in the space.. and let them had their fight..
    A mortal being can never comprehend of something immortal..
    What about try imagining a colour you have never seen in your life..

  47. [censored]… when some one ask you what time is it.. you reply according to the standard time of your country.. not any other standard time of a random country… so when we talk about day and time we are talking about earth… have some common sense

  48. Say what ever you want… but if God really happens to come now to take us to heaven at least I’ll be save for believing in him… what about you..?? Would you be save for insulting him…
    I guess i have nothing to lose in believing him.. the one and only God. But as for you.. you might just lose everything…

  49. Some time we need to wash our brain.. and we do that in Christ every day… if not it gets dirty and people tend to think they came from a monkey…

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